The Inkerman Group

Established in 1996 to provide bespoke risk and intelligence services to organisations throughout the world. The company has a strong and experienced team of qualified professionals and has become a well-respected provider of risk and intelligence services with the highest reputation.

A global business, international in scope and with the capability to deliver anywhere and in rapid response times.

Our client base includes multinational corporations, companies, governments and private individuals for which we provide the full range of risk and intelligence services.

Businesses work hard to protect their most valuable assets from many potential threats – when personnel, their families, business premises and financial assets are at risk, companies need to respond quickly and effectively. But the nature of these risks and threats are many and varied so we work with clients on an individual basis to fully understand the issues and then deliver a bespoke solution, personalised to their unique requirements.

There are key qualities which The Inkerman Group believes should be applied in all areas of business – rigour, loyalty, discretion, meticulousness, persistence, incisiveness and resourcefulness. Integrity, professionalism and the delivery of leading-edge services and solutions to clients lie at the centre of the company’s approach.

Businesses that fly blind tend to crash

Our operatives have experience within the information technology, law enforcement, security and intelligence industries working closely over many years with international law enforcement and intelligence agencies, large corporations, and financial institutions combating fraud and high-tech crime.

A multi-faceted approach, with preventative and reactive solutions in place, is the best approach to tackle cyber crime.

Information at your fingertips

The whole range of travel safe services to make sure that you, your people and your assets are secured, wherever they are.