Accessing New & emerging markets

The ability for businesses to access new and emerging markets has increasingly become part of a company’s standard practice when considering growth and business development opportunities. Some geographical areas offer potentially very profitable rewards although, invariably this comes with new, and often increased, risks. As a result, there is a continuing requirement for companies to understand the potential security and political risks involved if they are to successfully access new and emerging markets.

The Inkerman Group’s experienced teams are able to deliver both analytical and practical advice in these areas and do so for clients on an ongoing basis. These services include

  • the production of country specific reports, due diligence and investigations which focus on political and security risks associated with particular business ventures, including an examination of the national, regional and local issues that may adversely affect business;
  • ongoing support and analysis to aid business development and expansion.


This level of intelligence ensures that clients can gain a competitive edge – awareness, understanding and preparation in advance is more likely to yield success.

Areas covered include

  • Political, business and security risks
  • Analysis of legal and regulatory environments, political rivalries and any potential instability in the region
  • Review of communities and groups at the local level, and cultural risks
  • Legislation, regulation and local and international pressure groups.


Bespoke, client-specific reports are delivered that assess the political and security risks associated with the proposed business venture together with recommendations and advice on ways to mitigate the risks.


In an inextricably interconnected world, businesses are exposed to many risk factors, not only those coming out of countries or regions in which they themselves have a physical presence, but also from the countries and regions in which their suppliers and their suppliers’ suppliers are based.

Without rigorous monitoring, management and mitigation, any one of a myriad of risks has the potential to cause irreparable damage to a particular operation or, in the most serious of cases, to an entire organisation.

Political Risk

Corruption. Terrorism. Political Instability. Kidnap. Organised Crime.

These represent a mere fraction of the plethora of political risk factors challenging organisations. Utilising a combination of open source intelligence, human intelligence and horizon-scanning intelligence software, our analysts provide clients with actionable intelligence, enabling them manage and mitigate threats to their organisation within the context of their own crisis management policies and procedures.