Cyber Risk Management

The 'Internet economy'

Corporates today operate in a data-centric world: information technology and associated communic- ations networks pervade every aspect of business life to such an extent that there is an almost total dependency them.

The security threats and risks posed to corporates by cyber crime – criminal activities carried out by means of computers or the Internet – are ever evolving, as the criminal fraternity strive to develop their skills to exploit corporate digital dependency to further their criminal interests.

Corporates must now learn to negotiate a new geography, where national borders are irrelevant and distances meaningless; where an invisible enemy is capable of harming the vital systems companies depend upon for their functionality and survival.

Industry is the biggest victim of cyber crime and intellectual property theft through cyber crime is happening on an industrial scale

Francis Maude

Cyber intelligence

With its wide variety of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools, its sophisticated AI tools with international language research capability, the Corporate Intelligence department at The Inkerman Group will conduct research in local, national and international news, social media networks, video streaming platforms and other sources to provide a comprehensive overview of developments and tactics with regard to the nexus of cyber security.

The Daily Situation Report will be subdivided into the following three categories:

Critical Infrastructure

  • Attempted and successful attacks against companies, research facilities and other organisations in a wide range of industry sectors and against critical infrastructure operators.
  • Regular updates on malware, phishing and ransomware campaigns that are focused on these sectors


Cyber Attacks

  • Successful or attempted cyber attacks against organisations, companies or services with relevance to the client (and their subsidiaries), e.g. intrusions into conference call software, exploitation of vulnerabilities in VPNs, DDoS attacks against online learning platforms, etc.
  • Coverage to be focused on Germany and Europe, but also to include incidents that are deemed relevant on a global scale.


Tactics and Malware Campaigns

  • Updates on phishing and malware trends featuring for example Covid-19 as the subject or bait for the attack.
  • New cyber espionage campaigns featuring the coronavirus that were launched by nation-state APT groups or cyber crime organisations.


Network Overload / Service Disruptions 

  • Updates on service disruptions, such as network traffic being significantly higher than usual and potentially leading to outages, mobile network operators shutting down service capacity, etc.
  • Updates on government regulations to restrict online services, such as video streaming.

At The Inkerman Group we understand these threats and provide a discreet suite of services aimed at protecting business interests, investigating concerns, identifying risks and gathering intelligence.

The Inkerman Group’s operatives are at the forefront of Cyber Intelligence working with a variety of corporate and private clients.

Our operatives have experience within the information technology, law enforcement, security and intelligence industries working closely over many years with international law enforcement and intelligence agencies, large corporations, and financial institutions combating fraud and high-tech crime.

A multi-faceted approach, with preventative and reactive solutions in place, is the best approach to tackle cyber crime.

Cyber Risk Assessment

In depth assessment to determine corporate cyber hygiene levels:

  • IT system threat assessment audit – an all-encompassing security assessment of both external facing (firewalls, servers, routers) and internal systems
  • Client IT policy review to identify gaps and vulnerabilities, including information security management and IT governance
  • Infiltration Incident Readiness & Management: ICT system incident readiness audit that will ensure the client organisation can successfully respond to any digital threat and / or event e.g. computer virus, malware and Hacktivist attack


Employee cyber security awareness training, targeted to specific corporate levels.

Perimeter Defence

Firewall analysis, installation and management, efficiency assessment and modification / Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) Installation and monitoring.

In the event of a malicious attack upon your business, The Inkerman Group can assist:

  • Computer Forensic Investigation
  • Cyber-related Litigation Assistance
  • Log File Analysis
  • Virus Outbreak Management
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Preventative and reactive solutions
  • Cyber Hygiene
  • Intelligence gathering / Cyber Risk Assessment
    • IT system threat audit
    • IT policy review
    • Infiltration incident readiness and management