Personal Protection

Asset Protection & Tracing

Where a company’s corporate assets have not been adequately protected, the impact on a business can be extremely rapid, whether this is a criminal aspect, a financial impact or resulting brand or reputational company damage – the media reaction and, therefore, its impact is fast and, in many respects, uncontrollable – that’s why our emphasis at The Inkerman Group is to concentrate on delivering preventative measures to clients, whilst able to deliver the required contingency actions should such events occur. The Inkerman Group has been developing asset protection programmes for many years, assisting and working with clients in multiple business sectors and utilising highly experienced and focused personnel delivering initiatives which have addressed the need to protect corporate assets such as:

  • Premises
  • Company sites and locations
  • Personnel
  • Brand and reputation
  • Corporate infrastructure


Most recently, our work with clients has included:

  • Review their existing systems and practices, including conducting comprehensive company audits
  • Identify any potential threats or vulnerabilities – to the organisation as a whole or to particular corporate assets
  • Design systems, processes, security responses to better protect a whole range of company assets
  • Investigate specific losses, vulnerabilities and potential brand reputation issues
  • Provide security personnel to protect tangible assets, including premises, personnel and company infrastructure assets.

Close Protection

With its own close protection teams, The Inkerman Group is able to work with its clients to protect their businesses’ most valuable assets – their personnel, families and their properties at all points in potential risk situations.

The Inkerman Group provides the full range of services to ensure the safety of staff, executives and private individuals, particularly when travelling to regions with which they may be unfamiliar, working on projects or attending events which may attract unwanted attention, as well as being in environments when it is perceived that they may be at risk. Services which it already provides to a variety of its clients throughout the world, as required.

Backed up by a fully equipped Joint Operations Centre and by real-time international intelligence, our full-time close protection teams are all SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensed, experienced, and able to respond quickly and efficiently, deploying effective protection solutions to clients throughout the world. The team is experienced in the delivery of long-term and short-term executive close protection assignments, including airport ‘meet and greet services’, with business leaders, high profile individuals and large corporations.