Total Intelligence Platform Services

Intelligence is the life-blood of security management, and in order to successfully manage risk decision makers have to be as informed as possible. However, gathering relevant intelligence online can feel like an overwhelming task – substantial volumes of new content appears on an hourly basis, leaving vast arrays of dispersed and unstructured data to be waded through and turned into intelligence. Often, the sheer volume of new content can overshadow important early warning signals of potential threats.

Our Total Intelligence Platform Services (TIPS) is fed by automated trawls through the vast swathes of open source data, from traditional news sources to social networks and the blogosphere, and turns this into structured intelligence using both insight from our expert analysts and computer-led algorithms. TIPS gives businesses timely and predictive intelligence, allowing developments to be identified and managed before they become a threat to business operations or objectives.

TIPS is underpinned by enterprise intelligence software, which collects data relevant to our clients’ information requirements on an autonomous and continual basis. Collated data is combined with any ‘closed source’ intelligence, creating an extensive knowledge base with a single point of access.

This data is refined and analysed, de-duplicating results and assessing their importance and relevance to our clients’ information requirements. The resulting structured intelligence is analysed within the platform, picking out trends within metadata and highlighting key associated concepts and phrases, which can then be displayed visually on a dashboard.

The resulting intelligence can be delivered in a number of ways, including:

  • Daily, weekly or monthly email newsletters
  • Weekly, monthly or quarterly reports
  • Bespoke intelligence dashboards, accessible to the client via an online portal and with interactive capability