Supply chain

Products such as food, fuel, raw materials, electronic goods, vehicles or the hundreds of other items businesses and consumers need and use every day, are in a constant state of flux around the world in widely operated supply chains.  The requirement to protect goods in transit, facilities, people and national borders is a key component when considering how a business needs to protect itself from opportunistic or organised crime internally or externally, as well as from specific terrorist groups. Having an effective and robust security regime can also help to maintain a company’s brand and cost control mechanism.

We work with our clients to take a pragmatic view of existing operational security measures & plans for the mitigation of risks & threats throughout the supply chain route.  We aim to analyse historic or recent events to assess vulnerability, hazards and intrinsic planning shortfalls, which in turn allows for the development of appropriate control mechanisms and solutions to be realised in line with governing bodies and legislation.

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