The Inkerman Group has a long established presence and reputation in successfully resolving critical issues for clients. Our global reach and ability to deploy at no notice, using only the most highly qualified and experienced responders, means our clients benefit from a professional response and quick recovery. We understand how important it is to establish business continuity while responding to high risk and high threat situations. Our specialist consultants provide in-country on the ground support as well as working with client teams in corporate locations.


We know what it takes to create an environment of calm, and control chaos, enabling the client to make well-judged and informed decisions to resolve the crises. Whether working cross-jurisdictionally, in remote locations or requiring the use of other specialist resources to achieve a successful outcome, The Inkerman Group is able to support the client to achieve a successful outcome.

A Collaborative approach

The Inkerman Group’s teams of investigators, responders, intelligence officers and analysts work seamlessly together in providing a comprehensive support to clients at times of crises. Our Joint Operations Centre means a fully trained operative will be there 24/7, 365 days of the year to take your call and immediately offer advice. Our crisis response process has been honed over many years of experience supporting clients finding themselves facing the most stressful of situations. Working collaboratively, we bring many years and many fields of expertise together to provide a sound platform and holistic crisis management approach, ensuring our clients benefit from a timely, professional response to mitigating the threat, achieving a successful solution and restoring operational business.

Risk & crisis management consultancy

The Inkerman Group is an experienced risk and crisis management specialist company with proven expertise across the full range of crisis management services.

  • Crisis response plans; including pre-response plans (fire, bomb threat, contamination, leakage and spillage, as well as the more conventional loss of power, water and other services or supplies)
  • Audits and assessments for regulatory compliance and best practice
  • Emergency and Crisis Management Programmes, including Crisis Management Team Structures (CMT), Crisis Management Co-ordinating Cells, courses of action, training, sensitivity maps and testing evolutions and exercises
  • Response plan content and scenario planning – including media planning, evacuation, route plans, vulnerable point plans, sensitivity maps, escalation plans
  • Crisis Management Training
  • Business Impact Analysis to identify critical business processes and generate content for Business Continuity Plans
  • Emergency Response Assessments of personnel, response equipment, plans, and response contractors.


The Inkerman Group provides guidance at every stage of the crisis management process from initial advice and the setting up of a crisis management team through the formulation and implementation of financial and negotiations strategies to the conclusion of the case and post-incident management. The team provides advice, close liaison and practical assistance to manage critical relationships with key participants, such as family liaison and management, media, political and pressure groups, local / international intelligence, law enforcement and security agencies.

Incident Management

  • Incident / situation dependant
  • Identify location and confirm status of all personnel via the tracking platform within established escalation procedures
  • Alerting service – supply of updated information on ongoing basis, 24/7
  • Intelligence services, including ‘on the ground’ information
  • Ongoing communications with client management personnel / POCs. including the supply of location-specific advice which may impact on preferred Hotels / departure stations, via live 24/7 conference communication
  • Provision of 24/7 points of contact for clients including within major crisis occurrences
  • Advice and support to those responsible for major incident planning and decision-making throughout the event, including meeting attendance
  • Journey Risk Management Plans created to ensure all aspects of trip planning and risk assessments are completed prior to travel
  • Issue of revised travel advice in real-time
  • Provide full response capability including Hostage Negotiators, highly trained Close Protection teams qualified and licensed, based both within the UK and mainland Europe. Teams that are able to respond quickly and efficiently, deploying effective protection solutions to clients throughout the world
  • Incidents covering the full range including natural disaster events and other incidents which also impact on travellers throughout the world
  • Up-to-date risk assessments, continuously reviewed