Ease of Use

The Inkerman Group provides comprehensive traveller tracking systems in real-time, 24/7 throughout the world for clients. It is a location service and management protection system of people and / or assets and is designed specifically to track the whereabouts of individual travellers and assets.

24/7 Cover, 365 Days

The tracking system is managed entirely by The Inkerman Group in the Operations Centre 24/7, tailor-made for specific client requirements and includes 24/7/365 monitoring for those travelling anywhere in the world and, in the event of a crisis, individuals in the incident region could be located.

The system is available through various platforms and devices including:

  • Any Android mobile Smartphone with GPS capability.
  • All iPhones / iPads etc operating an iOS system.
  • Satellite-based tracking solutions can be supplied to personnel travelling to regions with little or intermittent mobile network coverage.
  • Asset or vehicle tracking solutions are typically standalone devices which can be hard wired into the vehicle or supplied with long-life batteries which can report tracking information for approximately 3-weeks before requiring recharge (usage-dependant). Asset tracking solutions and vehicle tracking solutions allow speed and collision reporting.
  • Dedicated tracking devices with basic panic alarm and GPS-reporting functionality can be provided and are best suited for use in areas with mobile network coverage but with limited data coverage.
  • For optimal coverage with Live Tracking, it is strongly advised that personnel use a local SIM in their device.


Reports can be generated as frequently as required to outline the movements tracked and the system enables clients to be able to monitor its people in real-time. Historical data is also available to clients should this be required. In addition to the tracking capability, we provide 24/7 monitoring and, in the event of a crisis, clients could also locate the person or persons in question.


Important features of the system include:

  • Live Location Requests – requests a live location of one or all devices / employees on the system;
  • Geofencing – allows geographical areas to be “fenced” so that if those being tracked leave the designated area, it alerts the system, mapping and locating the individuals in real-time;
  • In incident areas, it is possible to ring-fence a geographical area and identify all employees within that specific area;
  • The platform can also be set up with schedules to perform regular checks on devices, and geofence zones so that you will be alerted when the device leaves a specific location;
  • Emergency and ‘I am Safe’ / Check In button.
  • Mapping – Street level mapping is available for all platforms;
  • Overlay with Google Earth enables extremely accurate locator detailed information;
  • Manual and automatic panic alarms;
  • Normal accuracy down to 3-10 metres worldwide dependent on satellite coverage;
  • Speed and direction of travel;
  • Can contain personnel data that allows any operations centre to readily identify the person to the alarm should it be triggered;
  • Emergency Update Frequency, while this can be controlled by the end-user, the application allows a minimum reporting frequency of 15 seconds whilst the device is in emergency status.
  • Unlimited messaging: Operations Centre to user messaging is supported by the tracking application and the end-user can utilise pre-defined message templates or the free-text function.
  • Protects client privacy (Tracking and Poll position off button).
  • Privacy: end-users can disable tracking reporting for privacy and still allow the Operations Centre Team to obtain the traveller’s position (‘poll position’ function); this ensures that that the traveller’s GPS stamp can still be acquired in times of emergency. Location information is not disseminated unless the user is in emergency status.
  • Tracking App solutions allow users to activate a panic alarm by shaking their device and / or pressing the panic button.
  • ‘Listening in’ functionality can be utilised in emergency status to enable remote listening by the monitoring team in the 24/7 Operations Centre. Some devices (hardware) can also be set to dial out automatically when panic alarm is activated.
  • Integrated individual or group specified escalation procedures.
  • Transparent and accountable, full action history.