Travel advice

Our Joint Operations Centre will provide you with live updates on any travel restrictions and ongoing threats whilst travelling.


Integrated translation functionality of all alerts, incident reports and country information.

24/7 monitoring

With a direct line to our Joint Operations Centre, live notifications and customisable content, feel safe knowing we are monitoring the situation.

panic alarm

Manual and automatically triggered panic alarms: normal accuracy down to 3 – 10 metres worldwide

incident reports

Receive global incident reports and alerts in real time via SMS, data notification and e-mail based on your actual position.

Health advice

We provide you with health concerns and medical advice appropriate to your destination looking at your current infrastructure and national updates.

Incident Management

  • Global incident reports and alerts in real time via SMS, data notification and e-mail based on actual position within geo-fenced radius
  • Publish notifications and alerts to selected app users via ISO Portal
  • Customise and receive information reports on incidents, threats, organisation travel, personnel at risk (high risk country proximity to incident)
  • Real time ’employee at risk’ messages to company stakeholders when an incident occurs near any travellers
  • Geo-fence function (inclusive and exclusive)
  • By location or customisable global incident feed and distance from incident visibility
  • Emergency hotline – App user can be directly connected to The Inkerman Group Joint Operations Centre by telephone
  • Emergency contacts
  • Quick menu and buttons for relevant local emergency numbers based on location
  • Customisable buttons to add support or emergency contacts (The Inkerman Group Joint Operations Centre / response provider, internal, travel management, etc.) 
  • Panic alert
  • Flexible SOPs for panic alert and escalation processes dependent on client requirements

Access to Country Risk database, travel advise support, incident reports

  • In-depth country information and risk analysis for all countries of the world
  • Country information for all countries
    • Health and medical information
    • Travel advice and security advice
    • Risk assessment information
    • Transportation information
  • Automatic pre-trip information via e-mail (based on optional travel booking integration) and welcome SMS upon arrival in country based on phone tracking
  • Updates on developments at destination before trip (based on travel booking)
  • Interactive risk map of the world
    • See high risk areas, travellers by actual position or booking, incidents plotted on system management portal
  • Flag or block bookings to high risk destinations
    • Customised advice based on where the employee is travelling

Safety Check

  • Manual position reporting or ‘Check-in’ by employees to management system
  • In case of a serious security incident, Group Security can contact users of the App via e-mail, SMS etc to obtain feedback.
  • Communication tools: SMS, email, chat, ’Are you Okay?’ requests.
  • Communicate automatically, through geo-fencing, with groups or individual users.
  • Report ‘I’m Okay’ to management in the event of an incident within proximity of the traveller
  • Check-in function (proof of life)
  • SOS button
  • Emergency SOS button; check-in and share location buttons in addition to automatic tracking
  • In case of an emergency the user can press the SOS button. The position of the user is automatically transmitted to The Inkerman Group Joint Operations Centre which then initiates further measures according to pre-agreed procedures with client

General Situation Reporting (24/7)

  • Country specific information on the security situation – security requirements / recommendations
  • Contact personnel details
  • Customise content on the App – add company policies, important numbers and local offices
  • Event-related alerts are communicated via the App in real-time
  • Direct dial to The Inkerman Group Joint Operations Centre 24/7

Safety Check

The Inkerman Group’s Operations Centre can send a ‘push’ request to the App user in the event of an emergency situation, in order to inquire about the user’s situation / state of health etc and initiate further steps if required.