The Inkerman Group’s Joint Operations Centre operates on a 24/7/365 basis and, with experienced, qualified and professional staff at all times, it delivers all day-to-day company operations. All travel safe, traveller tracking, advice, monitoring and response services are managed and coordinated through the Joint Operations Centre; this, together with the Company’s intelligence-led approach to services, forms the base-line support to the full range of operational and travel services provided to clients throughout the world. The Inkerman Group’s Joint Operations Centre has the full capability to provide the required consultancy and support to travellers on an ongoing basis and in regard to major global incidents and events.

An integrated information and knowledge hub, the Joint Operations Centre delivers intelligence, logistics, planning and communications to clients on an ongoing basis.

travel safe security & services

  • Travel information including pre-trip advice / risk analysis
  • Traveller tracking and monitoring – Employee Tracking System (ETS)
  • Joint Operations Centre Support 24/7/365
  • Travel alerting service
  • Personal Executive and Close Protection
  • In-Country Meet and Greet Services
  • Extraction / Hostage Negotiation
  • Crisis Management and Security Evacuation
  • Security Intelligence Services
  • Crisis Management Training
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Security procedures / production of protocols and procedures
  • Security awareness training
  • Security reviews
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • IT Entry advice
  • Emergency Helplines
  • Tracking         
  • Incident Management       
  • Multilingual Services.


Other service areas

  • Investigations
  • Intelligence management
  • Pre-employment screening and vetting
  • Overt and covert surveillance
  • Electronic sweeps
  • Due diligence
  • Other general security services.


The Joint Operations Centre combines all Inkerman Group teams throughout the business coming together to provide best solutions for clients, for all aspects – on the routine daily operational basis and incident or event related. For clients this means that all the specialist assistance and support which is needed is in one place, working collaboratively on a daily basis all the time ensuring that clients receive an integrated response to crisis incident management as well as on an operational activity basis, with all Inkerman specialist resources allocated.

What do we provide?

  • Integrated detailed intelligence and information gathering
  • Response to deal with requests received from clients from all regions for assistance and execution of services
  • Co-ordination and management of all that is required to respond to the event / crisis
    • Natural Disaster (storms / hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, volcanoes)
    • Security incidents / events (mass sustained public disorder, terrorist attack)
  • Detailed incident management and communication to travellers; multilingual communication available in German, English, Spanish and French as required
  • Comprehensive and regular communication to clients
  • Daily client situation reports and briefings to summarise areas of monitoring, response and / or concern
  • Flash / Incident Reports
  • Real-time Alerts Service
  • Analysis of the overall political and security situation as well as monitoring and reporting on emerging situations that might have an impact including travel security and general medical advice
  • Briefings and Situation Reports – in particular area (geographic, event, incident related), including country specific risk briefing reports and forecasts.
  • This kind of report is a client led bespoke brief which would generally cover: 
    • Risk Summary          
    • Travelling Restrictions                 
    • Immigration Requirements and Procedures                   
    • Political Situation             
    • Terrorism                    
    • Crime                        
    • Kidnap and Ransom
    • Civil Unrest        
    • Recent Incidents
    • Business Protocols
    • Health
    • Important Contacts


The Inkerman Group has a great deal of expertise and experience particularly in the delivery of travel safety, travel assistance services, incident and risk / crisis management and related training having worked with a wide range of clients providing these services over many years. The Company provides clients with bespoke services in these areas, tailored to meet each client’s specific requirements in a ‘one-stop-shop’ package – a fully integrated approach across all aspects of the security products and services required.