The Boom

Kidnap is becoming one of the world’s boom industries and it is no longer only the rich and famous who have cause to fear – business travellers are the new prime target, along with TV crews, gap year students and tourists going to more challenging areas for their holidays. In an increasing number of countries, kidnap for ransom has become a recognised way for political activists and criminals to gain income and publicity. Companies operating in ‘at risk’ countries, or who have employees travelling to these regions, can no longer ignore the risks posed by such groups. Employees being taken as hostage, or requiring safe exit from a country, need to have the confidence that a robust infrastructure is in place to deal with such eventualities should they occur.

The Inkerman Group has a great deal of expertise and provides critical services in this area including 24-hour response teams, experienced negotiators, and first class training and intelligence around the world.

The approach includes:

  • Effective event risk mitigation
  • Live event training
  • Live event response handling.