The Inkerman Group has qualified investigators and negotiators who collaborate to manage and advise on all aspects of extortion and product contamination.

Recognising that such issues require the highest level of sensitivity and confidentiality, our teams work closely with clients to bring incidents to a successful conclusion.

Product contamination, whether deliberate or accidental, can have catastrophic effects on a brand’s reputation; The Inkerman Group possesses the experience and range of services to deal with all aspects of a deliberate or accidental contamination, including dealing with extortion demands made on a company. Working with crisis managers, we are able to examine products in an attempt to identify the source of the contamination and the validity of the claim made on the company.

The Inkerman Group is able to:

  • Provide initial advice
  • Undertake full crisis management of the incident
  • Forensically examine items in its own laboratories
  • Undertake examinations of manufacturing processes
  • Provide in-house crisis management training
  • Prepare detailed court ready reports
  • Provide expert evidence in court proceedings


The Inkerman Group has a great deal of proven experience in this area, and geographically, operates throughout the World delivering these services. Our experienced team of investigators, negotiators and researchers are able to respond and deploy in extremely fast timeframes –  always ensuring delivery with very high levels of integrity and discretion.