Monitoring the world's events

The Inkerman Group is an experienced provider of global protest monitoring and intelligence services. The company has been delivering these services to a wide range of clients on an international basis for many years, so our knowledge base and source material is ‘second to none’.

The Inkerman Group monitors intelligence for clients through its Corporate Intelligence team using its specialist software, analysis tools and their experienced analyst skills. Defined Intelligence Requirements and monitoring objectives are established which are collected and analysed on a constant basis in order to support the threat and risk picture as far in advance as possible, supplementing other information sources and mitigating any unforeseen brand damage. The Inkerman Group already provides these services to clients in a wide range of industry sectors; the company utilises a unique advanced intelligence service which combines the best of automated and human intelligence gathering techniques and analysis.

As a specialist provider, The Inkerman Group works with individual client companies to provide bespoke, tailored services to specific Intelligence Requirements (IRs); it adopts a proactive approach to service delivery, adapting to changing security contexts and client requirements on an ongoing basis.