Whether information has been lost, deleted, hidden or disguised it can be found – this kind of detection work requires the best forensic technology and skilled investigators to interpret the mass of data produced. Whether required for a business investigating an employee, a complex police investigation or a law firm preparing evidence, we can work with businesses to discover the information.

Using the latest tools and technology, our professional teams are able to provide services and computer investigations by ensuring complete network visibility, immediate response and a comprehensive, forensic-level analysis of servers and workstations anywhere on a network. Our platform is scalable and can be integrated with existing systems to create an enterprise investigative infrastructure. This leading-edge service can be tailored to meet client’s specific and unique requirements, including the automation of time-consuming investigative processes and auditing endpoints for sensitive information.

Services include

  • Securely investigate and analyse many machines simultaneously over the LAN/WAN, at the disk and memory level.
  • Acquire data in a forensically sound way.
  • Limit incident impact and eliminate system downtime with immediate response capabilities.
  • Investigate and analyse multiple platforms using a single tool.
  • Efficiently collect only potentially relevant data.
  • Proactively audit large groups of machines for sensitive or classified information, as well as unauthorised processes and network connections.
  • Identify fraud, security events and employee integrity issues wherever they are taking place — then investigate with immediacy and without alerting targets.