Melbet Bangladesh: A Comprehensive Guide

Melbet Bangladesh: A Comprehensive Guide Melbet Bangladesh: A Comprehensive Guide 1. [Melbet Bangladesh: Overview](#overview) 2. [How to Register on Melbet Bangladesh](#register) 3. [Melbet Bangladesh Login: How to Access Your Account](#login) 4. [How to Download the Melbet App in Bangladesh](#app) 5. [Melbet Bangladesh Download: How to Get the APK](#apk) 6. [Melbet Promo Code Bangladesh: How to […]

Foreign investors back Europe, but is Europe back?

In brief Foreign investment in Europe declined 13% in 2020 as COVID-19 interrupted investment plans and triggered uncertainty. Investment is set to rebound this year as investors reignite projects paused in 2020: 40% aim to establish or expand operations in Europe in the next year, up from just 27% in early 2020. Policymakers must focus […]

How digitalisation can drive personalisation in wealth management

In brief Digital tools are becoming more used and more valued, but clients expect them to lead to less personal wealth relationships. Clients’ willingness to share more personal data will allow firms with the right capabilities to enhance digital engagement. Wealth firms should prioritize improvements to hybrid models and the development of flexible, seamless interactions. […]

Cybersecurity: How do you rise above the waves of a perfect storm?

In brief Cybersecurity is under pressure: 81% of execs say that COVID-19 forced organizations to bypass cybersecurity processes. Three challenges stand out: insufficient budgets, regulation complexity, and strained relationships with the business. If CISOs can readdress shortcomings with a security by design approach, they will become enablers of growth in the rebound era. The EY Global Information […]