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Female Travel Safety

The Inkerman Group has its very own in-house team of Female Travel Safe Security Advisors who are highly trained, qualified and experienced professionals from government, defence, security, academic and business backgrounds. Each with their own individual levels of business and travel experience, they are able to deliver specialist travel safety and awareness training and advice to international corporations of any size, who have a duty of care and responsibility to protect their female employees when they are travelling for business.

The team work with organisations before, during and post-travel to identify risks, threats and vulnerabilities, providing bespoke solutions to mitigate them and increase the security of all female travellers.

Insurance Cover Requirements

A range of both existing clients and potential clients are in contact with us continually following requests from their respective insurance providers to demonstrate that they have the necessary procedures and policies in place, for the protection of female business executives when travelling or working alone.

Our approach is to work in partnership with our clients to develop bespoke safety and security solutions which are professional, measurable, easy to implement, cost efficient, and most importantly delivered by women, for women, ensuring where ever possible that insurers’ requirements are exceeded. This creates an all-encompassing safety culture for our clients’ female employees thus enabling the focus to be on business generation, rather than on safety and security concerns.

Our aim

At The Inkerman Group, we understand that women do not always want to be treated differently to men, and it is not our intention to belittle female travellers or for our services to be patronising in any way. Instead, our products and services have been designed to be as helpful and informative as possible, and for many, essential.

In the face of continuing economic challenges in Europe and the US, companies appear increasingly willing to enter new and emerging markets, which necessitates that their employees be prepared to enter unfamiliar and often challenging operating environments. The harsh reality is that in different countries where different cultures and religions are embraced, women are often seen and treated differently.

Our aim is to prepare and support female travellers, giving them the knowledge and confidence to adapt to new and quite often unfamiliar environments when they are travelling, as well as providing them with a 24/7 Response Emergency Centre, should they need it whilst they are away.


It is surprising how many businesses forget that duty of care to their employees extends outside of the office walls and how essential it is to provide employees with the right training, information and protection when they are travelling for business.

Click here to read some useful information on Duty of Care and how you can measure whether you are doing the best for your employees.



For further information about The Inkerman Group's Female Travel Safety Services, 

please telephone +44 (0)1233 646940 or e-mail enquiries@inkerman.com


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